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Meet with me 1:1 once a month for 1 hour.  This monthly meeting helps you stay on track and accountable for keeping your template up to date.  I can help you update the tables and analyze net profit on a monthly basis.
What the program includes:

  • One hour meeting with me once a month for one hour

  • Use me as an accountability partner to stay on track once a month

  • Monthly update of all Wellth financial templates together

  • Analyze and make changes when necessary to different spending or earning habits

  • Revisit money mindset and cultivate a positive relationship with your overall wealth

  • Ask questions on best practices as you continue to learn and develop a new organized financial system for yourself

Wellth Membership

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Monthly financial maintenance & accountability
    Valid for 11 months
  • BiMonthly membership

    Every 2 months
    Meet every other month for a 1:1 budget meeting
    Valid for 12 months
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