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Work with me 1:1 to organize your finances.


Become a member to stay on track with your goals and lean on me as an accountability partner  and support coach.

Or work with me on a specific project, such as building a budget for a retreat or special event.

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Download my templates to start on your own.


The general budget template can be used for your business, side project or just personal spending.  

The retreat budget includes the intricacies to financially planning to host a retreat

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I created Wellth in 2020 during a yoga mentorship.  I wanted to teach yoga, and ended up teaching my yoga teacher about finance.  I helped her organize and understand the money flow behind her thriving yoga business. 

I found balance working with  yogis while continuing to use my experience in finance and business. Through Wellth, I  want to continue to share financial management and planning skills with more people in the yoga world.

Kelley has been the best thing that’s happened to my business and financial wealth.  If you are a wellness professional looking for ways to organize your finances, set goals, budgets and have someone hold you accountable —- this is your solution!
- Arrow Yoga
Kelley’s financial retreat planner is a MUST if you’re planning a yoga retreat. I used it to plan my first retreat to Costa Rica, and before I sat down with her spreadsheet I was truly overwhelmed! This planner is very user friendly (I don’t have much experience with excel), easy to edit, and literally covers every kind of cost you can think of. it made the process super easy.
- Salt Yoga
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Things I am doing for my business this summer, inspired by Ayurveda; Working on my wellth with Kelley Ryan - laying the groundwork to grow + meet my finanical goals this year. 


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